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Milton Freewater Emergency Medical Service

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Click here to read the Medical Service Agreement and review:

Keep your options for medical care open

Take a few moments to browse the terms of the medical service agreement below. As always, the more you know, the better you will be able to make use of our unique and essential service. If you have any questions about the agreement, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our helpful staff.

*Written or online applications must accept terms of agreement.

  • Membership benefits

  • The insurance carrier clause

  • The definition of household

  • The definition of medically necessary

  • Services provided

  • Service area boundries

  • Non-transferable


Supplement the funding and payment for your ambulance trip with FireMed. The best part? We're building a stronger community!

Keep Oregon healthy!

Under federal and state regulations for these programs, a medical provider cannot bill the patient for any balances owed after billing Medicaid, Oregon Health Plan or other such programs. Therefore a FireMed membership does not provide any extra benefit to these patients

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