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Why is there a charge for the ambulance service?

Due to the high cost of ambulance operation, ambulance service providers charge for the care they provide. Some of this is covered by insurance, but you pay the rest. A combination of FireMed members with a small county subsidy to help provide the highest level of care for our community.

Questions about emergency ambulance service costs

Common ambulance questions

Will my insurance cover emergency ambulance calls?

Typically, your insurance will cover anywhere from 50% - 80%. The average ambulance bill today is $1400. With a FireMed membership, we will bill any health, auto, homeowner’s or other insurance that is available to cover an emergency ambulance transport, accepting whatever your insurance provider pays as payment in full for your bill.


Whether we answered all of your questions or you have hundreds more, give us a call to discuss how a FireMed membership works.


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